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Tips for Mens Fashion for a Traditional Look

When it comes to creating a traditional look, there is so much that you can do with ethnic outfits. Whether you want a traditional look with a classy shalwar kameez or sherwani for your wedding, it is important to choose an outfit that does not outshine your persona. Ethnic mens fashion has always upgraded and flourished with new designs and trends.

The two most popular traditional outfits of men include shalwar kameez and sherwani. Whether it’s your big day or you are attending your loved one’s wedding, you can easily nail a traditional look with the right sherwani or shalwar kameez.

In this article, we have brought some helpful tips for you to create a traditional look for a special occasion. We will start with some tips to style traditional shalwar kameez and then move on to guide you on men’s sherwanis styling tips. So let’s get started to discuss the classic and modern styles in traditional men’s fashion looks.

Styling Traditional Men’s Shalwar Kameez

As mens fashion is evolving every day, we get to see different shalwar kameez styles. Even designers have modernized this traditional and ethnic outfit by adding embroidery, detailing, and different cuts. With increasing shalwar kameez brands, it has become easy to choose the right one for you. Now let’s discuss some helpful tips for men’s fashion for traditional shalwar kameez look:

1. White or Off White Shalwar Kameez

Let’s start with a basic look that can be perfect for every season. Yes, we are talking about the basic white shalwar kameez. Whether it is a formal dinner or an engagement party, you can pull off a traditional look with a basic white shalwar kameez look.

2. Go for Bold Colours

Now if you are one of those who like to try out bold colours, getting out of your comfort zone can be the best thing! There are so many events where you can nail a traditional look with bold coloured shalwar kameez such as a mehndi event, dholki, or a dinner party at your relatives’ place. To get a better idea, you can follow celebrities wearing bold-coloured shalwar kameez. This way you will be sure that you are not experimenting with something that would look weird.

3. Printed Designs

Men’s fashion has evolved over decades, making more options for men to try leaving their comfort zones. Where printed designs are too much for some men, for others, the printed design brings out an elegant and sophisticated look.

If you have never tried a shalwar kameez with a self-print design, it’s time you should get out of your comfort zone and try it. The best way to carry self-print shalwar kameez is to wear it on a dholki, mehndi, or another wedding event.

Styling Sherwani for a Traditional Look

If you want to nail a traditional look at your wedding, nothing would be perfect than wearing a sherwani. You will find a wide range of sherwani styles and designs when it comes to traditional men’s fashion, which may leave you overwhelmed. Instead of getting confused, it is important to go about it the right way that is to consider the factors that we are going to discuss below. These tips will help you make a statement at your wedding by pulling off the perfect sherwani that suits your personality. So let’s get started:

1. Fabric Material

The fabric material is one of the most important factors to consider especially when it comes to choosing the right sherwani for your big day. Make sure to choose a high-quality material that will not only make you feel comfortable but also make you look sophisticated and elegant. If you do not want to go with a fancy sherwani with heavy embroidery, you can just choose a silk or velvet material with minimal detailing.

2. Colour Combination

Another important factor to consider is the colour combination. Make sure to choose a colour that complements your bride’s dress’s colour. Now, this does not imply that you have to match the colour; just go with a little contrast. For example, if you have decided to wear a pastel or off-white sherwani, you can add detailing of the colour that the bride is wearing.

3. The Right Fitting

Whether it is womens fashion or mens fashion, you can make or break the look with just the fitting. Do not go for a tight sherwani as it would make you look uncomfortable. Make sure you are wearing a perfect fitting so that you can enjoy your grand day.

4. Turban and other Accessories

If you want to achieve a perfect traditional look on your grand day, add a turban. To go one step ahead you can add a piece of jewel on the top of your turban to pull off a royal “Maharaja” look. Moreover, make sure to choose the right accessories that complement your whole look. You can consider wearing cufflinks, brooches, necklaces, and pocket squares according to your preferences.

Pull off a Traditional Look with Adam Baksh

With years of experience in mens fashion, Adam Baksh never fails to bring the latest trends to meet everyone’s style needs. If you are looking for a stylish sherwani or shalwar kameez for different occasions, we are here to cater to you. Visit our website and make a traditional look statement with our wide sherwani and shalwar kameez collection.

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