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Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Mens Sherwani

We love to show our styles at weddings. Whether it’s your own wedding or somebody else’s, we seek options that would look the best on us. Sherwani has always been a traditional option for grooms. With so many options and styles, choosing the right mens sherwani becomes daunting and one could easily get confused. All you would want is to look dapper on your big day. Plenty of options are available to choose a sherwani, but choosing the one that doesn’t suit you will be disastrous. Being a groom, you surely don’t want any mishaps on the most special event of your life. To make a statement, you need to pull off an impeccable look. Sherwanis tend to bring the ethnic essence out of your personality. People tend to make mistakes such as overdoing the accessories, contrast, and choosing the wrong fabric. Let’s talk about the suggestions for grooms and groomsmen that can make them look great on a grand day.

The Perfect Mens Sherwani Guide:

1. Pattern & Design Matters

Here is what you need to know about the trendy styles in sherwani. When it comes to choosing sherwani, you should always look for a good pattern. It can be paired with shalwar or a pair of trousers. You can choose from embossed patterns, plains, prints, or various varieties of embroideries. Simple sherwani looks best on groomsmen. Grooms can add motifs, floral and other detail work to their sherwani. The design of your sherwani can make or break your look, it has to be according to your physique. Men with bigger build should avoid large prints, similarly, men with thin build should not opt for smaller prints. If royal and elegant looks appeal to you, then you must go for heavily embroidered sherwani with sequence and crystals to add that extra glam to your look. You can opt for floral sherwani with a lapel pin if you seek a subtle yet stylish look. Your sherwani should be trendy, stylish, according to your body type, and comfortable.

2. Material & Quality of Fabrics

Everything should be perfect when it is your special day. Don’t forget to invest wisely in your sherwani. It is particularly significant to look for high-quality fabric. A simple sherwani in a quality fabric will stand out instead of a heavily embroidered sherwani made with low-quality fabric. For a sophisticated and elegant look choose a patterned attired in silk, velvet, or jamawar fabric. Never opt for a fabric that will make you uncomfortable the whole day. Take time and try out different materials before reaching the final decision.

3. Fitting of Your Sherwani

A tailor-made custom mens sherwani is all you need if you are looking for the perfect fit. An experienced designer will be able to make a sherwani that fits your body and style. A readymade sherwani can also be altered according to your size, however, it is always appropriate to try one size smaller than what you think your size is. It usually fits better and requires less alteration. Last-minute alterations can add up to your stress, it is recommended to try your sherwani before the event to make necessary changes.

4. Synchronisation & Colours

You can never ignore the importance of opting for a wedding sherwani that truly coordinates with your bride’s dress. It does not mean to exactly match the colour of your sherwani instead a little contrast is all you need. Wear a colour that compliments your bride’s dress. Choosing a colour completely different can go wrong. If the bride is choosing pastel colours, you can choose whites, beige, off-white, or camel shades. If the bride chooses a bright shade like red, you can opt for black or gold. Play with colours to know what suits you best. Try out vibrant colours and experiment with looks, after all, it’s your wedding.

5. Turban, Footwear & Accessories

Your turban plays an important part in attaining the perfect complete look. A classic and royal turban will make you look great. You can add a jewel on top of the turban. Bright and vibrant colors for instance choosing a red turban with gold sherwani can never go wrong. You should always choose a turban that perfectly fits you and suits your entire look. You can add pocket squares, cufflinks, brooches, and necklaces to enhance the grace of your wedding sherwani. In footwear selection, if you want a trendy combination, you can choose loafers. If you are more inclined towards a traditional look, you can choose khussa’s. A silk or velvet khussa will be comfortable and give you a stunning look.

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