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How Can You Take Your Wedding Sherwani Look to the Next Level?

Just like choosing a bridal dress can be a bit overwhelming for a woman, choosing the right sherwani can be time-consuming and confusing for the groom as well. Whether you want to wear a plain and simple sherwani or go for a fancy one, it is important to choose the one that suits your style, personality, physic, and the whole wedding theme.

If you are planning your wedding this year but are confused about choosing the right sherwani, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss the important factors to consider while choosing a wedding sherwani. These styling tips will help you look outstanding at your wedding, grabbing everyone’s attention. So let’s get started:

Colour Coordination with the Bride

Let’s start with the main factor that is the colour of a men’s sherwani. In this modern era, when the trends are changing constantly, this year bring new trends involving a wide range of colours. You might have seen grooms wearing pastels, neons, mints, shades of pink, or even black. Whichever colour you choose for your big day, make sure to style it well.

Another thing to keep in mind is how well you are coordinating with the bride. As both bride and groom are the main limelight of the whole event, it feels like a visual treat to see them colour-coordinating. For example, a groom’s turban or dupatta can match the bride’s dress colour. In another case, if the bride wants to go for bold colours and you are not comfortable wearing a colour like that, you can go with a lighter shade.

Do not Compromise on the Fitting

Another important factor to consider is the fitting of your sherwani. A good fit sherwani can change your look like magic. Moreover, some people think that a sherwani must be extra fitted and therefore, they end up being uncomfortable at their wedding.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a good fit sherwani is to make you look charming and comfortable at the same time. It should not restrict your movements or make feel uncomfortable. So make sure to get a sherwani that fits your perfectly.

Style Your Bottom Wear

Your job doesn’t end once you choose the colour and pattern of your sherwani. In fact, you can only nail the whole look by styling your bottom wear. There is a wide range of bottom wear that you can choose such as slim pants, shalwar, churidars, or straight pants. Do not just assume and experiment when it comes to choosing the right bottom wear that goes with your sherwani.

It is important to go for stylish and comfortable bottom wear so that you can enjoy your wedding. With the trends changing every day, you can just go with a traditional sherwani look with shalwar or straight pants if you are not comfortable with the fancy bottom wears.

Add a Stole to Upgrade Your Wedding Look

Many grooms feel uncomfortable wearing a dupatta or stole with their sherwani. But adding a stole can take your wedding look to a whole new level! If your sherwani has embroidery or heavy prints, you can go with a plain and subtle stole with light detailing at the outline. On the other hand, if you want to go with a “Maharaja” look, you can take an embroidered shawl with your sherwani

Do not Overdo Your Wedding Look

Last but not least, it is okay to add stole, turban, and other accessories but you must know that how much is too much. For example, if your sherwani and stole are already embroidered, there is no need to wear a fancy turban as it would just overdo your whole groom’s attire.

It is important to choose your wedding look according to your personality. If you have a shy personality, you can go with delicate sherwani with a subtle color as that would keep you from feeling awkward on your wedding day.

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Choosing the right sherwani that will complement your personality is like an art! If done right, you can take your wedding look to a whole new level. If you are looking for stylish and trendy sherwani for your wedding, we have got your back! At Adam Baksh, you will get a wide range of sherwani designs from minimalistic to bold looks. We hope these tips have helped you decide your look for the wedding! Get in touch to know more details.

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